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A guide for fighters & those who love them

Emotions make great servants & terrible masters.

- Anon

Even though MMA is one of the most complex sports & fighters have to be among the fittest athletes on the planet , the consensus is that it is 90% mental. No matter how hard we train, how many techniques we are proficient in nor how many tactics we can implement our mindset is what matters most. Almost as challenging is watching someone we love step into the cage.

...continue reading "Psyched to Fight"

Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Especially valuable in areas rich with recorded information, analytics relies on the simultaneous application of statistics, computer programming and operations research to quantify performance. -- Wikipedia

Just around the time my career as a quantitative analyst in the financial markets was drawing to an end, the movie Moneyball raised the public's awareness of the use of analytics in the sport arena. Sport analytics has been around for a very long time, HowzStat for example contains data for every international cricket player / match since 1877 & FightMetric has been providing MMA stats & analysis since 2007. ...continue reading "Analytics in the Fray"

In very general terms we have 2 kinds of people joining the gym. Those who profess to want to be fighters & those who don't. In our experience those who talk seldom do. The reality of the hard work is a far cry from the glamor they expect. Ruben is a rare exception. He never shied away from the effort required, in fact he went the extra mile & found his own opponent.  ...continue reading "Hind Sight: PFC 11"


The 5th edition of African Pride Fighting Championships was well organised & well attended. Mothballed years ago the championship has re-emerged with massive promise. The gym, while we 'lost' all 3 fights walked away content & proud. The official record as always is only a part of the story... ...continue reading "Hind Sight: APFC 05"


As with Lyndall & Lof, I'd had a very good fight camp & was feeling on top of the world. At 45 I am fitter & stronger than I've ever been. My speed & reactions haven't diminished much, if at all.  This game is however as most would have it 80% mental. This was the 3rd time in my life where I entered a fight with self-preservation rather than my opponents destruction in mind & it stands as my 3rd (even if it's questionable) loss. ...continue reading "Hind Sight: PFC 07"


From learning to deal with the press to dealing with weight-cut drama. Experience is what the 1st few years are all about.

Coming off December's highs & with a near perfect 'fight camp'...

"I don't recall the training camp, I don't know where this MMA term came from, y'know, 'camp' there's no campground, there's no tents. " - Nick Diaz

... we were all at peak fitness & confidence. ...continue reading "Hind Sight: CFL 15"


Lyndall's CFL Bantamweight Championship Belt

What an incredible way to start the gym's 2nd year of fighting, crowning our 1st champion & it couldn't be more fitting. Lyndall is after all largely responsible for Mec's existence. The year has been a fantastic learning curve & great 1st step in a long journey.

As is so often the case with these events there were last minute changes & other disruptions for the fighters to deal with. As always we learnt an enormous amount, especially how to deal with challenges & crises. ...continue reading "Hind Sight: CFL 13"


The learning curve continues. While neither Hamsta nor Lof won their fights both fought with tremendous heart & skill in what ended up being really tough fights.  Both fights were intense high paced affairs & after both, our boys were fresher & even had reserves after their fights. It seems the adjustments we've made on that front were spot on. ...continue reading "Hind Sight: CFL 11"


There was only one fighter representing mec's martial arts at Cape Fight League's 10th edition (CFL 10), Onias Baison. Unfortunately Roelof broke his foot in an unfortunate bedroom incident... let's leave it at that. Lyndall & I opted out due to Comrades Marathon being scheduled the week before. We figured we wouldn't have time to recover, but then we never ran... oh well.  So with that Onias shouldered the responsibility & made us very proud. ...continue reading "Hind Sight: CFL 10"

Roelof with his gold medal & team, mec & Lyndall

Roelof was the sole representative of mec's martial arts at CFL09, however his performance made us all very proud. Not only did he win his fight emphatically, he had to drop a weight class at 24 hours notice to be able to fight. We believe that one should be prepared for any fight/er & last minute changes (unexpected weight cuts aside) therefore shouldn't affect us. The game plan should cover all possibilities. ...continue reading "Hind Sight: CFL 09"