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Hind Sight: CFL 09

Roelof with his gold medal & team, mec & Lyndall

Roelof was the sole representative of mec's martial arts at CFL09, however his performance made us all very proud. Not only did he win his fight emphatically, he had to drop a weight class at 24 hours notice to be able to fight. We believe that one should be prepared for any fight/er & last minute changes (unexpected weight cuts aside) therefore shouldn't affect us. The game plan should cover all possibilities.

Uncertainty & last minute changes are part of the fight game, especially at amateur level where fighters aren't contracted to fight. Even professionals pull out at the last minute due to injuries etc. Neither the last minute changes in fight card nor the change from cage to ring are signs that the organisers are incompetent as some nay-sayers would like us to believe. CFL is SA's premier fight league with athletes from across the country competing for the titles for good reason. As always the event was brilliantly organised & the quality of fighting was superb. Even with the last minute withdrawals Gary & Anthony bent over backwards to ensure that those who were ready & wanted to fight got to, thank you.

Roelof Schaaf vs Randall Seale (MMA Lightweight - Amateur)

As much as he suffered to make the cut to lightweight at such short notice, on the night Roelof was focused & in high spirits. With 2 KOs in the 1st 3 fights Roelof was up earlier than expected, but ready. The warm-up had been good. His striking was looking great as always & we went over some of the key ground principals we've been working on since his last fight.

After some feeling out Randall took Roelof down early. It was a great shot & Roelof was dumped hard with Randall's shoulder in his solar-plexus. Winded & at the bottom he initially only had enough to defend himself from the strikes Randall was throwing at him from mount. After about a minute he managed to recover enough to follow my prompts (the only point in the fight that I needed to remind him of what to do) & reverse the position.

From then on he dominated the fight. Using his great technical striking game & an intense pace, Roelof started to pick Randall apart. He landed some great combos & at one point sent Randall spralling across the ring with an ole (pivot & hook). Randall's attempts at further takedowns were stuffed & Roelof's sprawling kept giving him top position from which he delivered a barrage of blows. Randall fought back with tremendous heart but couldn't match Roelof's pace & intensity.

About a minute into the 2nd round Roelof sprawled on another take down attempt & instead of standing up after his initial barrage he worked his way into side & crucifix, all the time landing strikes. Once there he landed many unanswered blows (too many in my opinion), took back & continued to strike while looking for the rear naked. The fight was eventually stopped with Randall limp, half on Roelof, having received too many blows after he was unconscious. Unfortunately the same ref was involved with another late stoppage (again, my opinion), where Randall's team mate received multiple blows after falling face first, unconscious, to the mat. Thankfully it seems neither fighter was hurt. Minor, but avoidable blemishes on an otherwise incredible event.

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