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Hind Sight: CFL 10


There was only one fighter representing mec's martial arts at Cape Fight League's 10th edition (CFL 10), Onias Baison. Unfortunately Roelof broke his foot in an unfortunate bedroom incident... let's leave it at that. Lyndall & I opted out due to Comrades Marathon being scheduled the week before. We figured we wouldn't have time to recover, but then we never ran... oh well.  So with that Onias shouldered the responsibility & made us very proud.

CFL 10, was held at the Muizenberg Pavalion. A change from the usual Sunningdale Sport Centre in Blaauberg. The venue lends itself perfectly to this type of event. The split level affords even those in the "cheap seats" (considering the quantity & quality of fighting, they're all cheap) an incredible up close & personal view of the fights. The proximity of the sea & the structure itself lend atmosphere too. Not that I'm biased or anything like that, but I think they should have these on our home turf more often.

Onias Baison vs Allesandro Simpson (MMA Bantamweight – Amateur)

Onias grew up in Zimbabwe, training karate in "bush dojos" but never had the opportunity to compete. When he joined us late in 2014, now in his mid 40's, he still had an obvious passion to fight. Being as determined as he is, he put in over 200 hours of class time, ran 30-40km per week & worked his way through a tough strength &   conditioning regimen all the while working on construction sites 6 days a week in the 6 months before the fight.  His eagerness to learn saw him develop a fairly well rounded MMA game virtually from scratch in that short time.

The fight started with Onias landing a cracking rear round kick to Allesandro's ribs. He continued to pepper him with straights & kicks. Working from the outside, darting in occasionally being caught by the taller fighters straights & kicks but then doing damage on the inside before exiting again.  Late in the 1st round he was taken down but was easily able to reverse & take top but was unable to capitalise. The 2nd round was much the same as the 1st with Onias taking a little more punishment. His nose started to bleed near the end of the round but he was still landing far more than he received.

In the 3rd, after being reminded throughout the fight, Onias remembered his hook & rocked Allesandro a couple of times. Very late in the round Onias made a mistake in the clinch, gave his back & Allesandro immediately capitalised taking him down. Onias squirmed to free himself, but got trapped in mounted ground & pound. The ref stopped the fight timeously. Although he lost we are very proud of him.

We later (3 days after the fight) learnt that Onias had "popped" his knee in that final take down. He had stoically hidden his pain not wanting "to cry like a child in defeat". The knee has been taken care of (stern lecture administered, lesson learned & post fight check-ups now in place)  & he is recovering & prepping for CFL11.

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